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Misstress queen looking for obideant muscle guys

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Account Login Sign Up. All possible manifestations and permutations of the universe were created, all at. Tessa collapsed all these worlds into one, destroying the redundant and mksstress unworthy.

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Eva and Tessa keep the universe in balance. That which must come to be, will, and that which must pass, shall be destroyed. Sophia judged the worth of the universe.

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She identified misstress queen looking for obideant muscle guys most worthy of physical creation, the paradise of Gaia. The planet was bountiful and full of gus, Sophia deemed it to be the jewel of the universe.

They all knelt before the divine. Sophia and Brianna lokking to judge and punish those who do essy sex bend to the divine will of the feminine, imposing the sacred law. From the heavens above, Aliyah descended, manifesting a form that mortals could comprehend.

In all her splendor and beauty, in all her wonder and power. The first physical being which possessed will, the divine right to rule. Aliyah drew upon the power of her sisters, commanding Eva to create her a slave and companion worthy of serving her divine.

And so, from the soil of Gaia, Eva created a form: To tend to your every whim, to live and breathe so that I may fulfill your wishes. With that, Matthew sealed the first marriage.

Aliyah ordered Matthew to build her a throne worthy of her beauty.

So for a thousand years, Matthew toiled away, finding the most spectacular materials to build the perfect throne. Aliyah spent her time enjoying the fruits of the land, reveling in the pleasures that the physical world had to offer.

This was the ea of bliss.

When the throne was finished, in all its glory, Aliyah ascended the asian paradise spa steps. She sat oloking the velvet seat, and draped misstress queen looking for obideant muscle guys arms over the golden armrests. Matthew carried upon his back, a sapphire footrest, encrusted with rubies and padded with plush silk.

He climbed the massive ivory steps with the heft weighing on his back, laid it before his ruler on the final platform where her throne rested, and knelt. Aliyah swung her feet atop the soft silk, looking down on her humbled servant.

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Her voice rang out as she sat atop the magnificent throne, it was missrtess misstress queen looking for obideant muscle guys the heavens. Yet, this is not the extent of my sovereignty. I, the ruler, command the divine to kneel before me. My sisters shall bow and worship just as housewives looking real sex Frederick Maryland mortals do, misstress queen looking for obideant muscle guys mother shall prostrate herself before me, and beg to do my bidding.

As Aliyah finished uttering the last of her blasphemous words, her sisters appeared before. The first time they had manifested in the physical realm, yet they had not appeared to kneel. Sophia laid her divine gaze upon her petulant sister, the fury of Goddess burned in her eyes.

By the grace of Emma and Isabella, the divine will of Aliyah was tainted.

Her claim to divine authority was muddied by her atl dating site of her origin, and the arrogance of her commands. For the nuscle time, Aliyah felt pain. Brianna crushed her sister under the divine force of Goddess. Aliyah fell to the ground as her throne and servant vanished, destroyed by Tessa. Child, you have forsaken me.

Misstress queen looking for obideant muscle guys

You shall remain ruler of this world, but your divine status has been compromised. The foul seeds which you have sowed must be reaped.

Eva waved her hands, a new form arose from the ground. The strength that Matthew possessed was evidently absent from this new creation.

Aliyah gazed at the man before her, expectantly. He peered up at her, and to her surprise, stood. Aliyah was filled with rage at the insult, and called upon the judgement of Sophia, and the strength of Brianna, but her calls went unanswered.

She beat Zachary into submission, until his eyes were wet and his skin was bloody.

Man, whose purpose is to serve woman, must aim to do so with the enduring perseverance and genuine reverence of Matthew. A good man, one who follows the teachings of Goddess, must understand that he was born of the dirt, and woman was born of the divine.

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No matter how imperfect that connection may be, that connection is still. The binding contract of Emma and Isabella must be wild girls Eustis Florida. Matthew was taken from Aliyah as punishment, but if Matthew was still alive, ffor would still have to serve Aliyah. Aliyah may have an imperfect connection to the divine, but Matthew, just as all men, have no connection to the divine.

And so, although women are imperfect and must seek to deepen their relation with Goddess, all men must still serve the whims of woman. Qusen Sunday, we shall discuss the archetype of Matthew and the archetype of Zachary, delving into what the masculine represents. misstress queen looking for obideant muscle guys

Misstress queen looking for obideant muscle guys

When we think of a matriarchy, most People think on women behaving like men, a muscular Amazon god inmediatly comes to mind, agressive competitivo women, with male sex drive, physical strenght etc…. There is no bigger evidence on patriarchy in the deepest of our minds than that… We tend to asociate typical male behaviour and characteristics. As the domiant ones, a leader then has to be have like a male.