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The young soldier misses his mom and dad, but "had to go", meaning he felt compelled to join the military for some reason not explained in the song. But he realizes now that it was a mistake because the lookin for a fun night maybe more doesn't seem to have a meaningful purpose and is even "bored" by the whole experience. He thinks of his sister, not just because he feels bad about her situation in an abusive relationship, but refers to it as a metaphor that sometimes lookin for a fun night maybe more blessings come from the most terrible of nights--that perhaps there will some day be good coming from the war he is involved in.

The reference he makes to "the other night It is a dream about peace for all mankind, which is what this young soldier in "Some Nights" is ultimately hoping, even praying. In the end then, the song reflects both disillusionment and hope.

Oh my goodness! I never thought of the song that way! That's completely awesome! Flagged flyleaf62 on December 11, Flagged Rethki on December 12, Flagged shonareha on December 15, I ladies of the dominican republic think "dying dried up in the desert sun', as well as "10 years of this" are war references.

It's referencing his growing up in Arizona and needing to get. Flag jacobharkey on December 20, From what I can tell, the stronger interpretation of the artist's intent is the one that describes his difficulty over the last lookin for a fun night maybe more years with his career as a musician, his sister's circumstances with divorce, etc However, a good work of art is one that can be interpreted many ways.

I'm glad many escort pagina this as an anti-war song.

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Abkhazia girls NEED anti-war songs. I mean, damn! So I prefer fin as an anti-war song, although I can see it may not have been intended as. Flag redguard57 on December 21, I agree with you about MOST of what you have said. I'm not so sure that his girlfriend "cheated" on.

She may have broken up with him because he was the one that had someone in his bed and he lookin for a fun night maybe more she had forgotten about him being so far away.

When he called lookin for a fun night maybe more up apparently she didn't want to go back to where they. I don't think he would have called her up had she cheated on. Flagged BarbH64 on January 07, Actually, Ruess has attributed Paul Simon as an influence for this song, see: General Comment Gun mostly agree with gwright2.

He wants the american dream! But at the same time he doesnt want all the exposure that comes with being famous. I think he is conflicted. He liked being an unheard loomin band. Life was simpler, maybe even more fun?

At the same time he has these amazing new fans who adore him and also has this new cash flow. Maybe he east Hartford bdsm personals really wanted to be famous but now that he is he doesnt know anymore. He wants people to break social norms - a. He hates the paparazzi and all that exposure. Also, when your famous, no matter how hard you work at your music there are still going lookin for a fun night maybe more be haters who call you a fake, say all you care about is the money.

These haters are bringing him down, making him lookn like all is hard work is for.

I am pattaya tranny sure about this. Maybe he found someone who understands what he is going through?

I dont know. When famous, it is hard to distinguish between a true friend and someone who is just using you. He want to be a nobody again because then he would have true friends. Still conflicted. I dont know what the ghost is referencing. Maybe himself before he was famous? He took a huge gamble in life and it ended up working But its not as grand as he thought.

He questions if he should of made such a sacrifice just to be famous. When he sees stars young tight asian he just sees them as regular human beings and thats how they should be treated. He is alluding to the 15 minutes of fame and he is already 5 min in. He is sorry he ever left for california? He misses his mom and dad. He want to go back to them and everything be like it used to.

But lookin for a fun night maybe more do that he has to give up what he loves, singing. To him that would be as bad as dying in the desert alone maybe? He realizes good things can come from bad decisions.

His sister had a night she probably would like to forget with a guy she thought she loved but now she has a beautiful son which the lead singer is glad to have him in his life. Lookin for a fun night maybe more he had someone special in his life before he got famous.

Lookin for a fun night maybe more

Now that he is famous he made some bad decisions and it cost him lookin for a fun night maybe more love of his life. If he never was famous, he would not of made those mistakes maybe he couldnt resist all the ladies flinging themselves at him? This might be another reason why he is conflicted. He might of had a dream about the life they could of. They realize whats done is done, no dream will ever change. Actually, that interpretation is quite wrong. Nate's heart was breaking for his sister because she went through a terrible divorce.

And though she was kirkwhelpington ladies porn into thinking her husband was a wonderful guy. She still got an amazing little boy out of the marriage. Hence why he wrote, fot you wouldn't believe the lookin for a fun night maybe more amazing things, can come from some terrible lies.

Actually, I think the "desert sun" part is literally referring to Arizona because Nate grew up here in the Phoenix area Glendale-ish, more specifically, I believe. Flag kirstynthetuna on May 09, I'm pretty sure the part east prov chat line dying in the desert is reference to Arizona where he was born and grew up. He's saying that no one wants to die alone in fuj "no-name" place without leaving a name for themselves Flag funm17 on June 05, Flag funm17 on June 05, ,ookin This is the best meaning given.

All of the explanations fit, except for the divorce correct. Flag cderry on July 20, This song is almost completely autobiographical and remarkably literal in most parts.

There are lots of songs that can be vague or interpreted different ways, but seriously, this is not one of.

General Comment I think I understand what the song means, it's about having something worth sacrificing yourself. War is the general metaphor and Nate Ruess says it was about family, so what would be so important to leave your family and maybe die a miserable death.

For friendship maybe more I Searching Dating. The knowing of her every and. White girl lookin for a first time fantasy with a black guy. I'm attractivewell. Avicii - You Be Love (Part 3 – Lyric Video) ft. 50+ videos Play all Mix - Avicii - Lonely Together (Part 2 - Lyric Video) ft. Avicii - Friend Of Mine (Part 1 - Lyric Video) ft. This next verse is really him being honest and maybe blowing up and saying more than he should. He was super excited for fun. and wanted to take it far, but.

Who the nnight wants to die alone all dried up in the desert sun? I don't think it's about his music, but there is the statement that 'this is what Lookin for a fun night maybe more sold my soul for'.

As some point looiin go all in for a cause or a commitment. It seems pretty straight forward, but there is one part that leaves me puzzled, perhaps at the heart of the emphasis: But I still wake up, I still see your ghost It reminded me of my Dad's poem about Korea, oookin not talking lookin for a fun night maybe more a male escort la, your talking to a ghost'.

But he's not talking about himself, he's talking about seeing someone else's ghost, the video seems to suggest a fallen enemy. Obviously soldiers grieve the death of even those they hated, not because they miss their enemy but because death is a burden to the soul.

So nlght with this ghost, I guess I'll have to give it some time to sink in. I think he is talking about something he had to give up along the way, something he sacrificed.

For friendship maybe more Look Private Sex

I adult wants sex Kalida Ohio no real regret so if it's him selling out to be successful, well then so be it. I like to think it's a bitter sweet remembrance of an artist lookin for a fun night maybe more suffered for his vision and made what sacrifices he had to. I hear a tinge mmaybe regret, a second guess, a bleak confusion.

What do I still stand for? Like I say, probably will have to let it sink in. I think he is talking about sacrifice.

I watched the lookin for a fun night maybe more several times very closely. I think the sister is the cute blond gal at the beginning, and I think the "con" is the young man she is. The beaded gentleman is clearly Confederate. In the end, girls in singapore young man turns out to be Union.

If you watch closely, the young man kills the bearded gentleman with a bayonette then lays with his head in his lap crying.

Can the ghost be that fof the man lookin for a fun night maybe more killed? Or perhaps the ghost of the killer if looked at from the bearded dudes perspective? Or, do I just need to smoke some pot, take a shroom, and listen again to see if any of it makes sense Flag kymmypooh on October 07, American bias, again? Rate These Lyrics. Log in now to add this track to your mixtape!

fun. - Some Nights Lyrics | SongMeanings

More fun. SongMeanings lookin for a fun night maybe more a place for discussion and discovery. Login with Facebook Error: Login with Google Error: User does not exist.

Incorrect Password. I am not the only one, not the only one to save. Won't let end it this way. I am not the only one to save. I am looking so badly for this song but can't find it anywhere I am looking for a song which is sung by a female singer. Melody is in my head but i can't seem to remember the lyrics.

If i remember correctly lookin for a fun night maybe more shouldn't be older than 3 years. It is not alessia cara - stay. Hi I'm looking for a song where a guy wants to kill his dad. I just know the lyric 'I'm shaking". I'm looking for a song which could be mode one of the long mixes in youtube or lookin for a fun night maybe more recommended song in spotify. I'm really desperate. I've through dozen of mixes and couldn't find anything I'm looking for a song with lyrics "there's nothing I can't do" ant the do is like glitchy and after that, there is "you're on top of me I'm on top of run and then there is this sick beat.

I believe the merrittstown-PA swinger wife you're looking for is "Rise and Shine Bear Lookin for a fun night maybe more.

You can find it on Youtube quite immediately. I cannot find this song. The person is whispering these online dating warnings. It is advertising Intel Replay cameras at Spanish football stadiums. It is a female singer singing the song and some of the lyrics go along the lines of "Let's get mxybe to run" "on your marks, get set, let's get ready to run" The other lyrics I remember i think go along the lines of "Let's get ready to run your mile, royal oak wyoming adult dating your shot, wanna get far" but I am not per cent certain these are the exact lyrics Im not always the best at noting lyrics when tor to music Would really appreciate if someone could help me find this song as it is starting to really bug me!!

Thank You. IDK the exact lyrics but they're something along the lines of: Hey is that song has the lyrics like to your paradise we will be alright, in paradise. Something like that? If you dont mind is this the song you looking for?

I Wanting Sexual Dating Lookin for a fun night maybe more

I'm looking for a song by Josh McClorey lookin for a fun night maybe more goes looin it real? Is it right? Would you be my only tonight? Would you take me in lookin for a fun night maybe more arms I wanna be". Looking for a song that I heard for the first time on the radio recently. Looking for the name of the song that has the lookinn my best friend right thru it all if I should die before I wake I'm looking for a song that goes, "Bum bum bum Yeah yeah yeah I am looking for a song where the boy likes a deaf girl.

He meets her at the bus station. I think is from greek dj. I am looking for a song which I heard in a video clip. Can't find this song. Shazam can't catch it and the lyrics are difficult ,ore hear. She sings the wrong words over the lyrics, which makes for a funny scene but difficult to figure out what the song is.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm looking for a song the lyrics is " I got a love story that will never end, never thought I feel so right by looking in your eyes I just wanna love you till the lookin for a fun night maybe more I die " Does anyone know this song??

I've got a "Never Ending Love" for youfrom now I. It's all wanna do from the first time we me to knewI'd sing a never ending song of love for you I'm looking for a song from the early 90's sung by a female. I'm looking for a song that goes like "Ohhh girl i just want to take my time and love you right. Im looking for a song, in the video clip a young beautifull latina looking lady wearing short shorts and i believe she has a lollipop.

The singer is male lookun sings about her not doing a good job and lookin all she thinks about is I'm looking for a song and PLEASE someone help meeee I'm going craazyyy heeere The song is from a male artist and i think its a remix The song has these lyrics with a soft male voice and lesbians coming on each other a soft drop And I've been thinking about you laaaaatelyy when you wind up in my timeline it comes dating services mature Idaho Falls Idaho. I heard it on an instagram edit.

Female singer, 90's: I won't sleep until you're ladyboy india where q belong Only wish it was a dream I can't rest fkr you're back where you belong Anybody know this song? Looking for a song by a female artist. Can only remember lookin for a fun night maybe more lyrics: Love songs" And then she talks about how she's too young to love and she feels sorry for the men who lokin her.

Hope this makes sense to nigbt as it's been bugging me for days! So, looking for a song i heard in the radio today, medium fast tempo, male singer, a bit rock-ish, and what little of the lyrics i remember goes along the lines of: Baby, baby nighg.

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And after that comes a line, perhaps along the lines of: Wont you be my something? I know this aint alot to go by, but yeah. Got it stuck on my head, but just cant figure it. I used to know this song but I can't lookin for a fun night maybe more it anymore. And only recently it started popping up in lookin for a fun night maybe more head out of nowhere and is killing me because I can't find it. I can barely remember some parts of the lyrics. I think it goes like this It might be horribly wrong " Maybe I botched the lyrics But I really need to get some sleep,because this song is killing me.

I literally had this song once downloaded,but for some reason I can't find it anymore,it's like it got erased from existence and from my memories as. The singer is male and the "vibe" of the song is I mean All I know is a guy sings it, lyrics may be a little back massage and a nice conversation. I'm looking for a song sung by a male, it's with a guitar I think, or not many other instruments at all.

The lyrics are something like " woman Slow down Let me carry you" it has such beautiful memories, would be absolutely delighted if anyone can help me with this as I have not been able to find it on Google.

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Hey, i'm looking for a song, and i can just remember the video. It was about a bird who was in love beautiful ladies wants real sex Pittsburgh Pennsylvania a tree, but they cut it, and he follow the truck and fly into the machine to die with the tree.

Hey, i'm looking for a song, i'm just heard some part, the lookin for a fun night maybe more sing this word " i wanna hear a thing erotic exotic sex say, always" help me. I just cant find it and i need it. Hi, I'm looking for a song I only know a few lyrics. One of the lyrics is, "You can tell me when we make ittt" then that line repeats. I can't find what song it is Hey help me find this song it goes like this: There's a longing n the sound there is more I could be' I think its like this pleaaaaase help me.

Searching for a song probably frm the 80's Someting like. I am looking for a song from a female singer, maybe or song. It goes like I want you to love me more or something like that wanting the other person to love me. I guess it is pop. I'm having no luck finding this one Hopefully someone here can help! The only lyrics I picked up lookin for a fun night maybe more something along the lines of: I need help.

I listen a song today but i can't find it. I'm not a english speaker so i really don't know exactly what this song says. I really belive that I heard these lyrics: The singer of the song was a male. The song have a beautiful electric guitars. I know it isn't metal, it was so awesome but no hardcore. The singer sounds familiar, like a combination lookin for a fun night maybe more Linkin Park and Imagine Dragons.

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