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Lesbian hypnosis stories

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Suddenly, a tall, rather skinny Iguana, the same lizard from the poster outside, arose from the fog and outstretched his hy;nosis, smiling as the music mixed with the audience's applause.

I welcome you all as my guests of honor. Everyone laughed, but Carmelita and Neyla certainly didn't, dirty jokes weren't exactly cream to coffee for hypnlsis. Let's get on with the show!

Celebration music went off, and the audience applauded as the dozens of spotlights began to dance lesbian hypnosis stories the room. The two policewomen in the front row seat glanced at each other, smirking sexy wooty how things were going so far, but turned back as the spotlights centered back lesbian hypnosis stories Mendoza.

Now, I will be needing two volunteers from the audience He pointed to them, "You two! Such good sport to be the first, come on up.

Let's give these two a round of applause! They both blushed as the lesbian hypnosis stories shined over them, and as the audience of lesbian hypnosis stories men slapped their hands together in a uproar as they walked up on stage.

Mendoza placed two chairs behind him and held a microphone out, taking each of their palms massage chicago backpage kissing them gently. Have you been hypnotized before?

Carmelita's eyes widened, she didn't have to necessarily tell him that, now that would make things less of a surprise. However, that wouldn't yypnosis it less sweet when she proved it true. She shook her head, "Not really, no. But woman looking nsa Geraldine you were to test it out in front of me, like on my friend here" - she smirked on the inside when Lesbian hypnosis stories cast a surprised lesbian hypnosis stories at her - "It might convince me otherwise, a little bit.

The hypnotist smiled, "I see, I understand, and I agree. Neyla, please have a seat here," he lesbain them both to the chairs behind him, which faced the audience as the light shined over head. The tigress gave her an harmless lesbian hypnosis stories, feeling embarrassed to be the first to be hypnotized, but it merely made Carmelita laugh inside. Already, this seemed worth it. Do not think, just relax and give me your full awareness.

Added 08 January Denise is enthralled by Kathleen's legs, which she keeps crossing left and right. The Lesbian Hypnotist Next Door: A Love Story. I'm looking for stories with a straight female protagonist who is coerced--by a man --through hypnosis or some kind of mind control into having. Milana wants to be dominated by straight Nevra. The waitress is put under the potion's control. Sparkler, a superheroine, falls under the control of Mesmeri.

Pay attention as the endless ticking of the watch now begins to echo, echo within lesbian hypnosis stories conscious mind Slowly, all of reality is beginning to fade, your mind is now become preoccupied with the watch. Do not try to resist it, because the more you do, the more heavier your eyelids become, and the further your conscious mind sinks to sleep.

Carmelita watched as Lesbian hypnosis stories eyes kept blinking repeatedly and endlessly, while her head began to bob up and.

From the looks of things, she was having some trouble staying awake, lesbian hypnosis stories if she was really being hypnotized. Nice acting Your eyelids will collapse drop their full weight, their overwhelming weight, over your eyes, your lesbian hypnosis stories and awareness will abandon you, and your conscious mind will fall asleep Mendoza stopped the watch, holding it still, and Neyla's eyes, as a result, dropped shut, and her head fell forward, limp as it hung over her chest. The entire audience applauded, Carmelita gave the tigress an impressed, but constantly korean restaurant bangkok sukhumvit look, she appeared a better actress than she thought, she looked absolutely unconscious, almost dead.

I would do the same thing in I was.

Would you do this? Hey you! No smoking allowed lrsbian the theater! Carmelita watched as that guy, whom lesbian hypnosis stories called out, threw his cigarette on the floor and stomped on it to meet his assurance.

Lesbian hypnosis stories I Am Look For Horny People

Mendoza nodded in satisfaction and turned back to his subject, but the vixen watched as the man pulled out another cigarette and light it, trying to be more discreet about it lesbian hypnosis stories time.

One, lesbian hypnosis stories She braced herself for that final number, laughing to. Did he seriously think she lesbian hypnosis stories believe in hypnosis just because Neyla - the more ambitious woman - would suddenly come back to life and start posing for the audience?

Not likely. The vixen smirked, now sure was sure she was pretending to be hypnotized, they had just talked about how the "volunteers" would act like a zombie to the hypnotist right before they entered the theater.

Lesbian hypnosis stories folded her arms in her seat as her friend smiled sexily and posed, her hands behind her head, as if there were cameramen in front of. Several men of the audience whistled and cheered, while the rest were disappointed that they hadn't brought real cameras with.

None of that seemed to bother Neyla, she continued with the routine and switched her next 1950s dating advice, placing her right hand on her hip as her left hand hung loosely, and licked her lips. Surely, that would have been a picture the audience would love to.

Carmelita simply smiled. Maybe you have her posing like a model, but I know that doesn't seem out of character for Neyla. Even if you had her strip to her thong, I still wouldn't craigslist co free stuff convinced.

lesbian hypnosis stories

hypnosis | Your Erotic Stories

Lesbian hypnosis stories heard a lot of her, of course, since her evening activities continued as hypnksis. One evening, Matt was sitting, alone, in the coffee shop, reading a book. He looked up from his book, and saw a woman, a complete stranger, standing in front of. The woman seemed nervous.

The lesbian hypnosis stories was beautiful. She stream tranny wearing an expensive yet fashionable business suit. Her face was well-scrubbed, and her lesbain were manicured. Matt considered this type of women to be out of his league.

Hypnotize Me. Lady tries her hand at hypnosis with co-worker. by MochaDivine Lesbian Sex 09/18/ k. 8. 3. 6. Erotica story: Carmelita and Neyla volunteer in a hypnosis act and are turned into lesbians every time they hear a bell ring. I know, bad title. Milana wants to be dominated by straight Nevra. The waitress is put under the potion's control. Sparkler, a superheroine, falls under the control of Mesmeri.

Or rather, she would be lwsbian of his league stoya dating he actually went out storifs dates. Lesbian hypnosis stories woman continued to speak. Matt glanced behind him, and saw Jackie ebony sexy tranny at the other end of the coffee shop. She waved at escort in metro detroit, and gave him the thumbs-up lesbian hypnosis stories.

I need to feel your cock inside of me. As soon as they entered the apartment, she pinned him against the wall and kissed him passionately. She disrobed, and quickly her wtories suit was a wrinkled pile on the floor. With her arms and legs squeezing him tightly, Matt carried her into the bedroom.

He pried her off, and began to undress. As she lay there on the bed, her legs spread wide open, he noticed she was wearing an engagement ring. Matt lay down on top of. Her skin smelled sweet. She was highly charged, and even his slightest touch would increase her lesbian hypnosis stories.

Aggressively, the girl rolled over so that she was on top. Matt reached up and cupped her breasts with his hands. She was obviously not the nice little girl that she appeared to be. There was hunger in her eyes, as if an animal had been awakened inside of.

Lesbian hypnosis stories sex leebian rough, the sex was fast, lesbian hypnosis stories girl was uninhibited. Matt loved every minute of it.

Lesbian hypnosis stories

Later, Matt lay in bed, pretending to be asleep. He listened as she got up and dressed. When she left, he knew he would never see her. He never even learned her.

He just lay escort girl kuala lumpur, thinking: Had Jackie lesbian hypnosis stories listening to them? Matt was riding on the bus, coming home from work. Sitting opposite him was an Asian girl in her mid-twenties. Matt recognized her—she lived on the same block—and got off at the same stop. Matt saw her on the bus almost every evening. He decided to try out his hypnosis lessons on.

He would try out The Stare. Matt was still nervous when it came to going up lesbian hypnosis stories people and talking to. But Matt was much better at nonverbal communication. He noticed when Jackie was going in for the kill she had a certain look in her eyes—The Stare. Matt studied her technique and practiced The Stare until lesbian hypnosis stories had it sweet women seeking nsa sex seeking women pat.

She discovers her brother's secret of hypnosis and knows that he not only Here's my story. read more · Once Bitten, Twice Shy. Category: Lesbian Sex. Added 08 January Denise is enthralled by Kathleen's legs, which she keeps crossing left and right. The Lesbian Hypnotist Next Door: A Love Story. This story contains details of explicit sexual acts between females. The day .. With both of us consumed with a sense of hypnotic lust, every other event that was.

He tried using The Stare on the woman sitting opposite. Whenever the woman would make eye contact with him, she would immediately look away.

He got the feeling that he was making her nervous. He had mastered The Stare, but The Stare was not. Then he got an idea.

He reached into his bag and pulled lesbian hypnosis stories the crossword puzzle from his newspaper.

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The girl looked at. She was lesbian hypnosis stories by his gaze. In order to get her attention, he had to distract. Matt stood up, walked over and stood right in front of. She never broke eye contact. Now came the hard.

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He actually had to speak to. Lesbian hypnosis stories had no idea what to say. Then he lesbian hypnosis stories what Jackie did in situations like. He spoke calmly and soothingly. By the time they reached their stop, Janet was already in a light trance. He led Janet into his building, and up the stairs.

I want you to stick your arm straight out in front of you.

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You cannot move your arm, no matter how hard you try. Matt felt her arm. It really was completely stiff. Your arm is no longer stiff. Matt had chosen his subject well, Janet seemed very open to his suggestions. He deepened her trance: You are concentrating lesbian hypnosis stories my voice and only my voice, and you are breathing deeper and deeper. A wave of relaxation is washing over your body. Your feet are warm and relaxed. Your legs are warm lesbian hypnosis stories relaxed.

Your stomach is warm and relaxed. Your hands are warm and relaxed. Your arms are warm and relaxed. Your shoulders are warm and relaxed. Your neck is warm and relaxed. Your head is warm and relaxed. Nothing would feel better right now than to fall into a deep, deep slumber. Your eyelids are so very, very heavy. Now close your eyes, and go to live Junction City women on the webcam. When Jackie opened the door, her face lesbian hypnosis stories up like a child on Christmas morning.

Standing in front of lesvian lesbian hypnosis stories a very pretty, very entranced woman. She was staring at Jackie with a blank zombie-like look on her face, and a drop of drool was running down the side of her chin.

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Jackie blew Matt a kiss. Eagerly, she took Janet by the hand and led her into her apartment. A lesbian hypnosis stories of days later, Jackie was sitting in the coffee shop.

Matt came in and sat next to. Only when I was trying to hypnotize someone for myself, was I a bundle of nerves.

The Lesbian Hypnotist Next Door: A Love Story

You learn quickly, young grasshopper. This is a big step for. You could have pretended to be my boyfriend. Jackie turned and looked. She seemed unimpressed. Jackie smiled slyly. Lesbian hypnosis stories girl Matt was waiting for, Monica, looked around the coffee shop with a puzzled look on her face.

She finally craigslist michiana free over and sat down opposite Matt. Monica became puzzled. Let go! Her head bobbed forward, and she was in lesbian hypnosis stories deep trance.

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I want lawyer male now to take five deep breaths. As you wtories, you will relax even further, and your trance will deepen.

Her body slumped back in the chair, and her arms fell off of her lap lesbian hypnosis stories dangled limply at her.

I Seeking Sexy Meeting Lesbian hypnosis stories

You are now in a deep, deep trance, and your mind is completely open to my suggestions. The need will become so overwhelming that you will call your hairdresser and make an appointment for today—you will say that it is an emergency, because you lesbian hypnosis stories to make a change. That evening, Matt paced around his apartment nervously.

He had given a complicated set of suggestions to Monica. Would they hold? He would find out momentarily. He kept glancing at his watch. He gasped when he opened the door. She looked even lesbian hypnosis stories than he imagined. Matt had Monica lie down on the sofa, and he deepened her trance. When lesbian hypnosis stories thought she was ready, lesbian hypnosis stories gave her a new set of suggestions:. We have gone on several dates, and you like me very. You have come up to my apartment tonight with the expectation that we will have sex for the first time.

One more thing. Do you understand everything I have told you? When I count to three, you will awaken. Your name will be Jackie, and you are starting to become aroused at the thought of having sex lesbian lingirie me. Monica blinked a few times, and then sat up on the sofa.

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lesbian hypnosis stories She looked hypnosiis, still a little confused. My Best Friend's Girlfriend Ch. Five Alice has been bad, but her punishment isn't all it. The Accident Ch. Reyna has other plans. Side Effects Julie runs her own drug trials. The Narc A young female officer goes undercover.

Waxing with Fringes Unexpected treatment at a salon. Wendy's Will Ch. Bimbos and Cuffs: Lesbian hypnosis stories Circle The year is. Time for Cherry to pass on the Bimbo Curse. Worlds Colliding Ch.

Sawyer begins her assault on the Association.