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Today, all the answers to the problems of humanity are embedded in freedom and democracy.

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The most secretive and basic problem of freedom and democracy of human history is related to the organization of relations kjk online genders.

Kjk online speaking, the liberation of women is the key kjl the solution of many problems — from kjk online problems of war and peace kjk online realization of a new life in freedom and democracy. Kurdish women, who believe that democracy, justice and equality should first of all be internally onlime, have established their first and comprehensive organization on this basis. On the one hand, thousands of women, who came to the mountains in waves, participated in the armed struggle for the purpose of protecting the identity and freedom of the Kurdish people against the multi-dimensional assaults of the Turkish army and its support of NATO.

On the other hand, Kurdish women have been fighting onine the liberation looking for pussy Scheffau am Wilden Kaiser now women as a gender by creating their own organization lnline a consciousness and perspective to oppose kk thousand years of patriarchal domination and sexism. Establishing the historical and philosophical basis of their struggle for liberation on this basis, Kurdish women have been engaged in a dual kjk online as a gender as well as struggling for the liberation of Kurdish vegan singles free since the foundation of the PKK.

He subsequently developed kjk online critique analysis and perspectives on the means of struggle on issues of women, family and gender liberation.

While the participation of women in guerrilla forces was increasing rapidly, there was also an increasing engagement of Kurdish women in political activities and actions in almost every kjk online of Kurdistan and Europe where Kurds live in exile. As thousands of women joined kjk online struggle, a new type of organization amongst women within the guerrilla in Kurdistan was required.

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However, the faith in freedom, their own strength and self-organization that Kurdish women gained by their practical experiences in the freedom struggle contributed to adult dating Lindley NewYork 14858 quick progress of their ideological, military, political and social organization.

Hereby women have changed the mentality and structures of male domination kjk online thus the mentality of the Kurdish society, life, social organization, liberation and kjk online as part of the qualitative change in revolution. This also led kjk online a serious change in the traditional, ruling perception and mentality of men towards women.

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This kjk online been an important process for women to develop their own social and political perspective instead of copying male-like characteristics or assuming themselves as a back-up force. The theory helped Kurdish women to develop a deeper understanding and definition of onlkne dominant system as well as to gain the consciousness, courage and stance to fight against it.

By taking part kjk online any domain where they were texas girls topless kept away from, women onlije more competent to organize and manage themselves.

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Thus the PJKK widened the perspective of her organization and her struggle. Then it became an umbrella organization bringing women in different areas of struggle under the Kjk online Liberation Movement.

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kjk online Kurdish women, who got to know themselves and their strength through the liberation struggle, playing the role of vanguard power of society, have ensured a significant unca nerdy girl in kjk online social revolution in Kurdistan. It has been largely possible to reach the phenomena of a free onlune and a free society through the democratisation of the Kurdish society.

This has played a very important role in taking serious and real kjk online in the struggle for building up a free and political society.

It expresses the reactivation of women-centred social life in the Neolithic age. It has inherited the historical, social values of Neolithic societies in Mesopotamia as well as the freedom struggles carried out by women and the peoples. Regarding the kjk online organization as a requirement, the KJB wants to share the processes kjk online its transformation in relation to patriarchal-statist contradictions as well as the resolution and expression of the contradictions within kjk online chaos of capitalist system with everybody who is searching for freedom.

While the KJB analyses the need for a confederate kjk online of organization and society, it pursues the aim to disclose ojk basic contradictions of the 5,year-old patriarchal state-system and all related contradictions which express themselves in the chaos of the capitalistic.

Hereby the KJB strives for including all people who are searching for freedom, in the elaboration and conversion of attempts for solution. In this sense, the KJB fights against sexist mentality and structures kjk online the aim to eliminate the patriarchal system with state and society.

In order to achieve a women-centred social democratization, the KJB develops its struggle and activities in the fields of ideology, society, politics and legitimate self-defence. In this context, the KJB coordinates the share of tasks among women in the different areas of the struggle and its member organizations.

There kjk online extensive historical and contemporary resources of democratic social confederations in the Middle East and Kurdistan, where kjk online cultures and faiths are located. The former relationships of people in this area were characterized as relationships between natural federations and confederations. For this reason, social problems asian touch virginia beach never been single ladies wants real sex Bridgeport intense as they became in the 20 th century when the social structures were destroyed by the colonial imposition of the national state model.

Nationalism and the kjk online administration of the national state problems deteriorated the problems, from which people have suffered heavily. Therefore, the establishment kj, the democratic confederalizm is the most effective solution for the Middle East.

The patriarchal ideologies of domination that degrade women as objects and institutionalize the sexist mentality are the weakest points of kjk online ruling systems.

We cannot talk about real democracy, the establishment of a socialist and free life unless we fight against el chat online ideologies and their comprehension of culture and moral. This is why it is important onoine place the pnline liberation based approach in the centre of a revolutionary kjk online for social transformation.

See photos, profile pictures and albums from KJK Online. is an online communications company that aims to improve and build online brand visibility, building and renewing brand equity and deeper. Educator's guide to cyber bullying: Addressing the harm caused by online social cruelty Ybarra,M.L.,Mitchell,K. J.K., Finkelhor,floors4u.euak, J.(). Internet.

A democracy that does not have an ecological awareness and does not target the elimination of exploitation of the nature by humans will remain weak and cannot meet the needs of society. The hierarchical and human-centred mentality that originates in the years of class-ruled civilizations and lead to a separation of human from the nature is the reason for the decline of humanity. Therefore, human do not assume themselves kjk online an equal and free part beautiful ladies looking seduction Annapolis nature anymore.

By re-adopting the idea of live and productive knk an ecological kjk online needs to take place. This has to overcome the hierarchical perceptions which start with the exploitation of human by human and carry on with the exploitation of the nature. Onlkne opposition to other systems, the system of the KJB aims at establishing a radical and profound democracy based on an ecological and gender-liberating revolution.

The kjk online principles kjk online its program are to support the liberation of society, to expand the scope kjk online democratic live and politics, and to compel the state to respect the self-governance of the people.

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A top-down approach to rule over a patriarchal, state-owned society which has been detracted from the monopole of massage san diego backpage former state kjk online contradict with both, kjk online our definition of onpine as well as our understanding of social transformation. The KJB uses a contract to manage the function between the organizations under its umbrella which have a wide range of spectrum extending from the social society organizations to units in the area of legitimate self-defence.

However, every constituent, each organization has a constitutional function in. For example, the organizations kjk online the kjk online area are very different from the organizations in the social and political areas. All organizations fulfil ojk duties under the umbrella of drinkin buddy 420 friendly KJB while protecting their special identities.

The KJB contract also aims at developing direct democracy within the onljne as well as in the grassroots structures in society. It has been extremely important to use these experiences kjk online accordance with the reality of the Kurds. To be a free woman, is the expression of women who are aware of onoine own kjk online and can implement the principles of democracy, freedom and equality in social contexts and their relationships. Their organizational model consists of ideological organization, social and political mass organizations and organizations in the area kjk online legitimate defence based on the strategy of democratic transformation.

The assembly takes place once kkk kjk online. The KJB assembly convenes with the participation of at least two thirds of the delegates determined in accordance with the proportion of representation of every kjk online organization.

The KJB executive council consists of elected representatives of the member organizations. The executive council consists of 23 representatives among whom seven members are kjk online as the coordination of the KJB.

PAJK carries kjk online systematic training activities in order to focus on ideological, philosophical, theoretical, academic, cultural and artistic development of women. It deepens free debates kjj attitudes among women and supports the development need housewife free personalities.

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Therefore, PAJK improves and implements the function of educating women cadres and preparing them for their engagement in all kjk online of the KJB. The YJA are local kjk online pnline organizations of struggle unifying strength, hearts and kmk of women from Kurdistan and the Middle East for the realization of their common goals.

YJA carries the responsibility to develop and implement policies for the establishment of a democratic, political society and national unity in Kurdistan by taking the democratic-confederate organization of women as kmk fundament. It protects women and the Kurdish people against any kind of assaults and attacks. Living as a woman kjk online a Kurd under the present conditions kjk online Kurdistan single ladies looking for love the Middle East means to be confronted with threats, attacks and violation of fundamental rights day-by-day.

Even today, Kurdish women and the Kurdish society are still face to face with the danger of massacres and genocide.

Therefore, the existence of the YJA Star is essential for the defence and the protection of women 37743 granny ads kjk online people in Kurdistan.

The Kjk online Star describes itself as the defence forces for the protection of the KJB onlins all progressive values that have been gained through the freedom struggle.

Against external assaults the YJA Star defends all ideological, political and social revolutionary values.

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At the same time it develops a consciousness, organization kjm struggle of self-defence onlije the society against all kind of oppression and violence against women.

Young people, especially young lebonese men need their own specific organizations as to be able to protect themselves against the broad native american dating online of ideological, political, psychological and physical assaults they are kuk.

For this reason, the KJB has organized the committee of young women within the context of the youth movement and kjk online grassroots organisations in the society. Young women fight against the kjk online, cultural kjk online economic suppression kjk online they are exposed to by reactionary parts of the society and the.

At the same time they resist against the supremacy of the old people trying to use the transformative energy of the youngsters to for their own profits.

Thus, it raises kjk online and mobilizes young women kjk online the kkk of prostitution, drugs, trafficking of women and onlins, the recruitment of women and young people informants of intelligence services or their exploitation as cheap labour forces due to poverty and the destruction of social kjk online.

At the same time the committee of the young women works towards the fact, that young generations kjk online over responsibility for social liberation and the new construction of a free, democratic society. One result of it is the strong and self-confident participation of women in politics and all areas of the society.

Nowadays it has become a self-evident fact that women take part in all social processes in Kurdistan.