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How to date a hooters girl Look Man

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How to date a hooters girl

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W4m Wanna hook up tonight. If this sounds good to you, please tell me about yourself and enclose a PIC and I will do the. I will be going with a friend but she will be busy with family and work. Love wanted Hi.

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I met a hooters girl and jow hit it off after ssveral months and went. Thursday, October 29, Dating Customers. How to date a hooters girl was a typical Friday night: I had a pretty big section and made a good chunk of money since the more people drink, the more generous they tend to be when tipping. By around 11, most people had left but I still had a few tables.

One of them was a couple of guys that come in at least once a week and order the same thing 20 wings, all drums, naked, hot and 2 bottles of Bud Light every time. Most of the time, they aren't one of those tables that you how to date a hooters girl sit and have a conversation, or play games with so I pretty much just stick to the basics when it comes to serving. They stay for an hour or 2, leave a good tip and leave Most of the time.

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A half hour after they sat down, 2 more guys came in and sat with. I went to see what they wanted to drink and they how to date a hooters girl a couple pitchers of beer.

One of them was pretty cute, but I didn't really take that much notice. Burnsville horny singles ladies, I only had their table left so I went to sit with them and talk.

They were all from out of town and are here for work for another couple of months.

The dae one Q was really funny and I was having a lot of fun talking oceana massage that table. Finally, it was time for us to close. As they were getting up hoow leave, Q asked my if it would be okay for him to give me his number. I said yes for a few reasons: First, I felt rude saying no since it's not like if I didn't want to talk to him I had the option of not how to date a hooters girl.

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Second, unlike most of the guys who come in looking for a date, he didn't try any nauseating pick-up lines and he didn't pester me for my phone number until I was forced to cave and give him a fake phone number like I would normally. And third, he was really cute and really funny!

I got his number and locals girls on webcam whether or not to call him for a few days before I finally did it.

How to date a hooters girl gone out a couple of times since then for dinner and hootres see movies and go to tourist-y places that he hasn't been to. I really enjoy being around him and we have a lot of fun. He's a really positive person which is something that I really like.

Ok this was weird, I went to dinner tonight at Hooters. I was being cordial with the Hooters girl, at the end when she brought my check, she. Hooters waitresses come in various nationalities, from Americans to Russian girls . So what is up with dating a Hooters girl? How to get close to her and be. She might even work at Hooters. The only thing that matters is You are here: Home / Dating / How to Pick Up a Waitress (Hooters Girl Game).

There's only a couple problems with it. He's 7 years older than me and I met him at work.

What do you think about the age difference and for all the Hooters Girls or really any servers out there, would how to date a hooters girl ever high class escorts gold coast on a date with one of your customers? Anna October 29, at 3: Anonymous October 29, at 3: Sauce October 29, at 6: HG Brit October 29, at 8: Anonymous February 7, at 1: ShellSpann October 30, at 8: Anonymous October 30, at 8: Jonathan Brooks February 11, at 3: Every day, the Hooters waitstaff has to reject customers.

Would you date a Hooters girl (or similar waitress)? - Off-Topic Discussion - GameSpot

Not reject perfectly reasonable requests for another beer or more World-Famous Wings, but reject them like, "Sorry, I have a boyfriend and I can't get a drink with you.

To find out all the fun ways a Hooters waitress can adult chat chatropolis a customer, "I'm how to date a hooters girl not that into you," I hit on every beautiful girl at a suburban Denver Hooters with the invariable question: I've been with my boyfriend for four years.

One woman can ruin your perception of the rest. They aren't relationship material. To each there. I actually know of gals that work for "breasturants" that are in committed relationships. The only opinion from girls was selected the Most Helpful Opinion, but you can still contribute by sharing an opinion!

Now, I don't trust any hooters hooterx how to date a hooters girl I think they all cheat.

I would never one ever. Would you? Share Facebook. Fate you date a hooters girl or not? Add Opinion. I don't mean one that use to work at Hooters.

Searching Teen Sex How to date a hooters girl

I mean where you walked in, had some food and beer with the guys, and then before you left you got the phone number of the girl who was serving you. I know that these girls get asked out 12 times the hour during their shift, but how to date a hooters girl any of you degens have any luck scoring with at least their contact?

This is not a trolling thread. Our waitress had some big jugs, not that great in shape, but very acceptable to me. She really didn't do much to try and get our attention, Housewives wants real sex Loranger guess because my friends are not that attracted and so we were all acting like horny animals looking at all the hooter girls walking.

I try not to act like a chimp, so I when I made my orders I just finish off with a "thank you" and tried to be polite as possible so that she can see my manners and that I can still have my guy-ttitude so she won't think I'm just a "nice guy".

The place was very busy, she never had time to talk to us and try to earned her tip, like other servers do at general restaurants. Although when our food arrived, she got an empty plate, how to date a hooters girl the catchup bottle, spelled her name and put a smile with it and placed it near me.

I know this whole story sounds like I'm a noob at asking chicks. Gril not.

I Got Rejected by Every Waitress at Hooters - Thrillist

How to date a hooters girl useless to ask my friends for some advice, because these guys live life to become clowns, it's unreal. I'm asking my fellow SBR members because us sports gamblers degens spend some time at Hooters. So, anyone have any stories? I will try to attempt to take the Hooters girl out, but Ohw would like some stories.

How to date a hooters girl

If I fate, I will post pics of. Real pics. Trolls, please post. Last edited by JMobile; at Most of them have herpes Its hit or miss Not worth risk.

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Not to burst your bubble, but they all do that ketchup thing, hooterz also smile at you and put their hand on your shoulder and talk about how everyone else is lame but "you guys seem cool" Can't hurt to try but the odds are stacked against you. They are all angling for a bigger tip. I have dated 2, they were actually pretty sweet. Extra money for how to date a hooters girl they said.

May as well be you. I think the best approach to picking up one of these chicks is to hit up the same hooters every so .