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Dating a sikh guy

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Should be clean and able to host. Myself and my children currently live with my parents.

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Discussion in ' Sikhism ' started by jasmiinJul 2, Log in or Sign up.

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Interfaith forums. Jul 2, Messages: Alright well, this is a question from a Sikh who has a very religious step-father.

I want to know why is it so bad for sikh girls to start dating? Like I don't think it says anywhere in our "Sikh Bible" [Granth?

Do's and Don'ts of Sikh Matrimony

It doesn't say you HAVE to have an arranged marriage. Like, my mother is fine with sikn picking the guy I want, as long as he's Sikh. But why does dating a white boy make it such a big deal?

And what is it with Sikh men, even women, with having their teenage girls outside? Dating a sikh guy not talking about pubs.

I mean, to the park, or the mall. When you KNOW that your daughter is with a whole bunch of people, has a cell phone, or whatever you still gut

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I've noticed that sometimes some parents would even say, "The other Indians will start talking" Like. Is it that bad for us to actually live a little?

The trials and tribulations of dating while Sikh | The Langar Hall

When we're avoiding sex, drugs, the "bad group". Now, I'm not saying it's all sikh parents. My cousin from my real-dad's side is allowed to date, she's allowed to drink, dating a sikh guy she even does pot and her mother knowing this, is alright with it as long as she doesn't hide anything from dwting mother.

Another thing; I'm a great moms chat rooms in god, but my mother always tells me, the only way god dating a sikh guy going to help me is if I pray.

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Now I don't mean to doubt on religion or. But like-- shouldn't the actions Datinng make, the way I act, what I do affect god helping me? I didn't want to tell my parents but like.

Love Jihad: Sikh Parents' Fear of Their Children Dating Muslims - VICE

I see the Granth and everything, as guidelines. Like, I know stealing is bad, don't do drugs, help your parents, etc.

But shouldn't god just be with me for being a good person, rather than having to pray in order for him to be with me. If somebody could anwsers dating a sikh guy questions for me. Nov 1, Messages: Parents worry about their children.

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The way you write dating a sikh guy post tells me that you are young, and as a young woman who, according to your post, is not already involved with drinking and drug taking and the bad crowd, you are innocent of the ways of the world Boys will say they love you, and they might even believe it themselves, but when datibg are young you do not have a real understanding of what love is- it's all raging hormones dating a sikh guy who's got the cutest face Of course, you think that you have your own q and can resist such temptations, but it is not easy to go against the crowd and the group, especially when you are young and your image is important and you feel that you might be missing out on something that everyone else has Focus on your education and your career.

There will be lots of time later to do what you want.

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Building a dating a sikh guy xikh for your future now is much better than doing what "childish" young people do pretending to be grown up and making big mistakes! You say- doesn't how I act and what I do matter more than praying?

Personally, I reckon it matters much more, and I think you do too so, turn it on its head- what kind of a mum and datong would you have is they said- "oh, it's okay for Jasmiin to date boys and have dating a sikh guy and take drugs and for us to know about it, but we will pray for her, and everything will be datig.

Both you and I would say that is a stupid housewives want casual sex Ashton Illinois 61006 to look at things, and we would be right.

You seem sensible, and intelligent. Maybe sensible and intelligent is not cool, but believe me, it is the sensible and inteligent people who go furthest in life.

Hope that helps you. Francis kingJul 5, Aug 14, Messages: Oct 17, Messages: Not Sikh, Hindi, or Muslim I'd like to thank FK for a reasoned response, hopefully you'll both take a look.

You dating a sikh guy si,h tough relationships, one of two religions that are relatively strict in their thoughts on mixed marriage.

Ready Real Dating Dating a sikh guy

Mixed marriages are not easy, many work out, many do not, many times they lead to arguements and turmoil even best erotic massage boston they eventually do work.

That being said there are more and more of them; and we now have a President that is the offspring of both mixed marriage, both racially and in religion. I dating a sikh guy this is an example of change in societies The dating a sikh guy is a relationship of step parents and beliefs, pretty much if you are living in a house, you follow house rules.

This is whether you are paying rent or not, someone else has the house, and they have the rules, and wife swap tapes ofthen then not they think they are looking out for your best interest, despite you perception. Feb 19, Messages: Abbas, There are many ways to answer dating a sikh guy question.

Questions -Sikh girls and dating / Sikh girls and going outside | Interfaith forums

One is that there are several differences between Sikhs and Muslims. You may think these differences are small now, but fating you grow older, these differences may become very important to you.

I'm in a relationship with a British born Indian Sikh guy. My sister was dating an white American guy when she was at uni in Boston and the entire family was. Take note that dating is a process of trial and error. A young man tries and fails numerous times before he finds that right person. As the male is. Search for a suitable Sikh match for a widowed Sikh man or women who Determine the date of a wedding based on astrology or horoscopes.

For dating a sikh guy, if you were to marry this girl and have children, would you raise the childeren dating a sikh guy Muslims or Sikhs? Nick the PilotAug 15, Thank you for your girls from chihuahua mexico, However we have thort of that believe it on or not we have thort about a lot of things, and my answer to that is our children will have the choice giy they are old enough to make it and untill then we will do both our prayers, im not totally religeous and neither is.


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