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Cities of japan in alphabetical order

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The following represents an alphabetical listing of Japanese prefectures. Aichi-ken Prefecture prefectural capital is Nagoya-shi on the island of Honshu Akita-ken Prefecture prefectural capital is Akita-shi on the island of Honshu Aomori-ken Prefecture prefectural capital is Aomori-shi on the island of Honshu Chiba-ken Prefecture prefectural capital is Chiba-shi on xlphabetical island of Honshu Ehime-ken Prefecture prefectural capital is Matsuyama-shi on the island of Shikoku Fukui-ken Prefecture prefectural capital is Fukui-shi on the island of Honshu Fukuoka-ken Cities of japan in alphabetical order prefectural capital is Fukuoka-shi on the island of Kyushu Fukushima-ken Prefecture prefectural capital is Fukushima-shi on the island of Honshu Gifu-ken Prefecture prefectural capital is Gifu-shi on the island of Honshu Gunma-ken Prefecture prefectural capital is Maebashi-shi on the island of Honshu Hiroshima-ken Prefecture prefectural capital is Chub looking for wood on the island of Honshu Hokkaido Prefecture prefectural capital is Sapporo-shi on the island of Cities of japan in alphabetical order.

The suffix of -do indicating a prefecture is always included in Hokkaido's. You don't have to add cities of japan in alphabetical order other suffix to this prefectural. Hyogo-ken Prefecture prefectural capital is Kobe-shi on the island of Honshu Ibaraki-ken Prefecture prefectural capital is Mito-shi on the island of Honshu Ishikawa-ken Prefecture prefectural capital is Kanazawa-shi on the island of Honshu Iwate-ken Prefecture prefectural capital is Morioka-shi on the island of Honshu Kagawa-ken Prefecture prefectural capital is Takamatsu-shi on the island of Shikoku.

Be careful not to mistake this prefecture for Kanagawa-ken Prefecture.

Cities of japan in alphabetical order Look For Real Sex Dating

Kagoshima-ken Prefecture prefectural capital is Kagoshima-shi on alphabetica, island of Kyushu Kanagawa-ken Prefecture prefectural capital is Yokohama-shi on the island of Honshu. Kyoto Guide. Young Rebel Beach Town. Why Japanese Neighborhoods Cities of japan in alphabetical order Unique. Japan Guide. It sounds sugarcoated but it's true.

With shrines and 1, Buddhist temples it's difficult to choose your activities. This list will help you make the most of your trip. Recently on Japan Talk.

Each float has puppets on top that are essentially Edo-era robots. Japan Event Guide. Japan By Month Weather and events by month.

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Festivals range from quiet to wild and dangerous. These are the best. Japan Travel. When To Visit.

Event Calendar. Japan By Month. Japanese Seasons. Rainy Season. Typhoon Season.

Where To Go. Prefectures Of Japan. Regions of Japan.

Japan With Kids. Japanese Aesthetics. Japanese Thinking. Kawaii Culture.

Luck in Japan. Martial Arts. Food List. Vegetarian Foods.

Japanese Cities

Japanese Ingredients. Street Food.

Japanese Tea. Japanese Fruits. Food Culture. Restaurant Types.

Onsen Manners. Drinking Etiquette. Sticky Situations.

Living In Japan. Life in Japan.

Alphabetical listing of Places in Japan Zachimi, city, Okinawa, Japan, , , 3, Zahana, city, Okinawa, Japan, , , 3, Alphabetical listing of Cities -- Each link is for 50 CITIES A · Aba · Abajino Hana · Abamachi · Abana · Aba Shima · Abashiri · Abashiri Byochi · Abashiri Gawa. The following represents an alphabetical listing of Japanese prefectures. various cities and towns (the suffix of -shi is attached and follows the name of the city.

Japanese Houses. Working in Japan. Business Culture. Tokyo Day Trips.

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Map of Tokyo. Upcoming Events. Event Guide. Tokyo Calendar.

81 Interesting Cities In Japan - Japan Talk

Plum Blossoms. Japanese Holidays. National Holiday Calendar. Japanese New Years. See also city ; urban planning.

List of cities and towns in Japan. Info Print Print.

Name, What, Region, Country, Lat, Long, Elev ft. Pop est. Paltusovo, city, Hokkaido, Japan, , , 3, Panke, city, Hokkaido, Japan, , Index (Alphabetical indices). 0–9 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q–R S T U–V W–X Y–Z. Navigation. Cities; Towns; Villages · People · Records · Outline · Portal · Category · v · t · e. A town (町; chō or machi) is a local administrative unit in Japan. It is a local public body along with prefecture (ken or other equivalents), city. Information about Japanese cities. Menu. Major Cities. 14 largest Japanese cities: (estimated populations as of ). Tokyo 23 wards, million. Yokohama.

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