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Atlantis: Did it exist?

Geological surveys have suggested that Doggerland was a large area of dry land that stretched from Britain's east coast across to the present coast of the Netherlands

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Revolutions of 1848 in Europe

19 Role of ideas edit Despite forceful and often violent efforts of established and reactionary powers to keep them down, disruptive ideas gained popularity: democracy, liberalism, nationalism

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Modern Biological Weapons

Cylinders were projected at the enemy so they would burst and set up a high concentration of gas. In length, weighing 100 lbs. Biological Weapons Online Available.

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Englands Distinguished Institution
He would have no truck with what he called ultra-democratic theory one person, one vote. This is not a formal coalition but a 'confidence and supply' agreement..
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Democracy vs. Anarchy in Lord of the Flies
According to Joseph Trento, Team B was a private group of intelligence analysts created for the purposes of preparing a national intelligence estimate that would compete with..
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Self - Censorship

self - Censorship

the dignity of the individual. To make much of freedom of expression is to encourage a liberation of the self from the constraints of the community. That officer, who conducted the census, regulated the morals of the citizens counted and classified. Although the court issued a preliminary injunction, the government dropped the case on appeal after newspapers in two states published a letter containing approximately the same information. At the event, I shared Freedom Houses analysis of the impact of self-censorship and undue influence on media freedom in Ukraine, in particular that economic and political pressure on journalists, editors, and media outlets, which influences their coverage and pushes them to avoid certain issues. Previous restraint (or licensing) came to be regarded as an inheritance of Roman Catholic practices. All in all, it was different ideas of justice contrary to Chinese good taste to speak openly of the faults of ones government or of ones rulers. Perhaps not as generally recognized is that considerable self-restraint is required if the best possible use is to be made of free discussion in the circumstances of a people. Government made an attempt to require thousands of officials handling classified matter to pledge that they would submit any future writings for prepublication review by government censors. Its pervasiveness may well be judged oppressive by contemporary Western standards, since so much depended, it seems, on mastering the orthodox texts and discipline. This too has made it difficult to prosecute citizens for their criticism of government, something that had been much easier to do under an expansive definition of treason. Thus, freedom of speech, which is constitutionally guaranteed to the people of the United States, first comes to view in Anglo-American legal history as a guarantee for the members of the British Parliament assembled to discuss the affairs of the kingdom.

self - Censorship

Censorship could be direct or indirect, in which case it is referred to as soft censorship.
encourages self - censorship through the perception that users are being watched.
39 The enforcement (or threat of enforcement).
The article pleads for self - censorship in writing such pieces provocative and self -defeating.
Define self - censorship.

Self - Censorship
self - Censorship

Gaining Self - Respect
The conflict of Self
A Journey to the Inevitable Self Searching
Philosophy vs. Censorship

But official secrecy, as well as tyranny, was something to which Russians were long accustomed. There were, in the 1970s and 80s, periodic relaxations of control in the Soviet Union, but a pervasive and shameless control by the Communist Party oligarchy predominated. Ancient Israel and early Christianity Much an Examination of Irony in Faulkners Barn Burning of what can be said about ancient Greece and Rome could be applied, with appropriate adaptations, to ancient Israel. Government not to permit reporters to accompany the troops invading Grenada in 1983. (Thus, there was the better-known example of the chronic complaint about the unreliability of official Soviet statistics.

Censorship of american music
Censorship cannot be justified
Julius Caesar Concept of Self