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Death Equals Life

In Warcraft 3, at the end of the orc campaign, Grom Hellscream kills the demon who corrupted the orcs into Always Chaotic Evil berserkers originally at

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Native American Slavery 1800

48 The Five Civilized Tribes allied with the Confederates during the American Civil War, in part because they resented the US government's having forced them out of

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An Anarcy Form of Government

Darren soot with dog face, his Babel slag hump from man to man. Confusion in general; disorder, the state of a society being without authorities or an

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Bad Driving Habits
Some of us keep postponing the servicing of our cars till it breaks down on the middle of the road. You may be lucky on several occasions..
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Company Research
Research, table of Contents, introduction, directories, rankings/Lists. This will both impress and grow what you know about your potential employer. The site links to business news from..
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Albert Einstein: Man of Vision

albert Einstein: Man of Vision

I admit that the quantum-theoretical description is when Is A Room Not A Room? When Its An Installation? an incomplete description of the individual system. Such an ideal of external liberty can never be fully attained but must be sought unremittingly if scientific thought, and philosophical and creative thinking in general, are to be advanced as far as possible. 536 What I particularly admire in him is the firm stand he has taken, not only against the oppressors of his countrymen, but also against those opportunists who are always ready to compromise with the Devil. Einstein did so in 1917, introducing what came to be known as the cosmological constant into his equations.

The child knows someone must have written these books. The whole of nature is life, and life, as I observe it, rejects a God resembling man. 92-93 I was barked at by numerous dogs who are earning their food guarding ignorance and superstition for the benefit of those who profit from. If we look at this tree outside whose roots search beneath the pavement for water, or a flower which sends its sweet smell to the pollinating bees, or even our own selves and the inner forces that drive us to act, we can see that. If this were not the case, Europe would today be a federated state, not a madhouse of nationalism. A person on the embankment might see the strikes as simultaneous, but to someone on the speeding train they would appear to have happened at different moments. And he is now the Pope! But if you ask me to prove what I believe, I can't.

How much like Einstein this sounds, how reminiscent of his postulate of special relativity! He was fond of talking about God: God does not play at dice, God is not malicious. What is significant in one's own existence one is hardly aware, and it certainly should not bother the other fellow. There comes a point where the mind takes a leapcall it intuition or what you willand comes out upon a higher plane of knowledge, but can never prove how it got there.