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Analysis of Hamlets First Soliloquy

With Hamlets words, she would hang on him informs the audience of his mothers dependence upon men. In fact, the entire soliloquy establishes a connection between the

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Hamlets Insanity

hamlets Insanity

safe with usTo let his madness range.". This is because the audience knows the situation that Hamlet is in, having had his father murdered and his mother marrying the murderer of his father. Hamlet s father in a way is his guidance, like any father is to their son, and the lack of that guidance, cause Hamlet to not, think clearly or rationally, his father reminds hamlet of his priorities, and his sanity. Shakespeare expresses this idea in many of his works, an example being the frustrated Romeo in Romeo and Juliet. Now, she will no longer love Claudius and she will not believe that Hamlet thinks that Claudius is guilty. Most of the characters in the play Hamlet, except for Hamlet's good friend Horatio and a few others believe that Hamlet has "lost his marbles." Yet, there is no real evidence which convinces the audience of this-there's no facts, nothing other than the characters' opinion. Hamlet knows he harmed Laertes and had no reason to, and I believe he feels extremely guilty, and wants to make amends with him, more then anything.

Hamlet was being in his antic disposition stage. Essay Research Paper Justifying, hamlets, insanity. Mechanistic Organismic And Contextualist Essay Research Paper. Hamlet s insanity is when he tells Ophelia to Get thee (to) a nunnery in Scene i of Act III.

In the end it finally all came true Claudius and Laertes had set out to kill Hamlet but in the act of doing so; Hamlet was stabbed with the poisonous sword, Gertrude drank to Hamlets health and her own(her death Hamlet went on a rampage. At this moment he was going so insane that he totally ignored the body of Polonius and went on accusing his mother for treating his father badly and losing trust in him. So, yes in a way, I do believe that Hamlet was diseased with temporary insanity. Her speeches are long, making it seem like she is talking to the queen as one woman that has lost something special would to another. The Ghost of Hamlet s father, was in way another brick of burden for Hamlet to carry, and did nothing but add confusion and anger to his already disturbed mind. The only act in the play that Hamlet performs that can be called irrational is when he is in the queen's chambers, having just killed Polonius. In treating relatives or friends, Hamlet would like to express his anger towards them without arising suspicion that he is in a sane state. This view of Hamlet shows his reasoning and obviously his decisioning is impaired because of his insanity.

Hamlets, insanity, essay Research Paper While, hamlet

hamlets Insanity