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The Amorite Empire 2000 - 1595 BC

The ancient Near East,. Magic and rationality in ancient Near Eastern and Graeco-Roman medicine. However Ulamburiash managed to attack it conquered parts of the land from Ea-gamil

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My First Mission Trip

I got to know so many of the kids. Just got back from my mission trip to the Dominican Republic and just wanted to give yall the

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The Stranger by Arthur Camus

As one character observes, we are steadily nearing that perfect moment when nothing anybody says will rouse the least echo in anothers mind. Surprisingly, the sentiment here

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Sociology Paper - Inequality
How to Join, featured Events Deadlines. There are three 3 questions per topic (10/10/20). But what matters in terms of a power analysis is what percentage of..
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Shakespeares Sonnet 102
Many scholars and critics now argue persuasively that Edward de Vere is the writer of the works attributed to the nom de plume, "William Shakespeare." For example..
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The Thoughts on My Antonia

the Thoughts on My Antonia

life was harder than it was here with. Cather seems in love with the natural world, and invests it with majesty. In 1905, she published a collection of short stories, and favorable reviews inspired her to move with her companion Isabelle McClung to New York City, where she became managing editor. Its unobtrusive, effortlessly vivid prose leads us from "the windy springs and the blazing summers" all the way to a winter that's so clear, crisp and crystalline it feels as though we're witnessing it for the very first time. A writer of great skill, Cather produced a lush, romantic work that is a superb read. Discussion questions, why is getting a picture of ntonia important enough to Jim and the narrator of the introduction that they decide to write about her? Sometimes the water would drip on the stove while I was cooking, and I would have to keep tight lids on the skillets to prevent the mud from falling into the food. It is Jims friendship with ntonia that enables him to feel at home on the prairie farm. In later life, she cited Virgil as her first literary influence. Along the way, Cather throws in a fireside tale to chill the bones. Antonia was depicted in the book as this determined character full of of courage and wit.

Her novels on frontier life brought her to national recognition. There was nothing graceful indoors or out, only the vast measureless prairie with nothing but unending grass, green in the spring, seared and brown in the early autumn, and burnt and black in winter. Hearing that another family had settled several miles away, she made a pledge to herself. Jim and ntonia, passengers on the same train, are each challenged to feel at home in this land that initially produces the feeling of being erased, blotted out (p. But just how faithful was this realist novel to the hard facts of the American West? The entire setting is magical, as when some of the cottonwoods had already turned, and the yellow leaves and shining white bark made them look like the gold and silver trees in fairy tales.

The book is a study about the struggles and successes of immigrants in a new land. 199) FOR further reflection How have immigrants enriched American culture?