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The Chiapas Video

"The Polish cyclist was decapitated and had a foot missing he wrote on Facebook. The Zapatista flag in the background; ratm on stage. Women have the right

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Adolf Hitlers Influencial Ideology

In addition, some have argued that Nazi Germany was assisted in its development to create a front to counter early Bolshevik ambitions. In late summer/early autumn 1944

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Attempt to Cover Up the Watergate Incident

On the first day in July, 1972, John. It was not immediately clear that the burglars were connected to the president, though suspicions were raised when detectives

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Christianity and Anti - Semitism
In the Apostle Paul we find mysterious words wherein he affirms that all Israel shall be saved. Seit dieser Zeit gehörte der völlige Verzicht auf Schweinefleisch zum..
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The Village Blacksmith
11 From then on, Longfellow made it a rule to allow schoolchildren to be admitted into his study to see the chair. Isbn Schwehn, Mark. Appleton-Century Company..
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Trading Democracy

trading Democracy

sue governments over actionsincluding health, safety, and environmental measures and regulationsthat reduce the value of the corporation's investment. And although the rulings can mandate millions of tax dollars in compensatory payments, nafta makes no provision for a full appeal to US courts and sets no caps on the amount of damages that can be awarded. The cases examined in the documentary include a pending 970 million claim filed by a Canadian company called Methanex against the.S., a successful claim brought by the American company Metalclad against the Mexican government in a dispute over a toxic waste dump (Mexico was. Posted 5 February 2002, the PBS documentary, bill Moyers Reports: Trading Democracy, which premieres tonight, February 5, tragic Hero - Oedipus Rex at.m.

Trading Democracy
Bill Moyers Reports: Trading Democracy, iATP
Trading Democracy for Justice : Criminal Convictions and
Does Trade Promote Democracy?

Individual Advancement vs Democracy

And why do so few people know about it? President Barack Obama said this himself in 2008 when he promised, while campaigning, to limit the ability of corporations to use trade agreements to sue over public interest regulations. When the government rejected its environmental impact assessment, the Canadian company resorted to lobbying Salvadoran officials. But, as they learned more about the toxic chemicals used to separate gold from the surrounding ore and about the massive amounts of water used in the process, they began to organize a movement that opposed mining. No international tribunal should have the right to punish countries for laws or measures approved through a democratic process, be it in the United States, El Salvador, or anywhere else. Yet the Obama administration is currently negotiating a Trans-Pacific Partnership with several countries. Trans-Pacific Partnership may well prove an opportunity for this outrageous assault on democracy to be defeated.