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The Hitchhikeraa

We learn that the hitchhiker is what he calls a 'fingersmith which is really just a fancy name for a pickpocket. Critics Bob Porfiero and Alain

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Israel P.L.O. Peace Treaty

September 10, 1992, at a secret meeting in Tel Aviv, Israel, Norwegian State Secretary Jan Egeland formally offers his country's help. Yasser Arafat was allowed to

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Ethical issues in organ transplant

This source of donation is considered ethically acceptable when protective procedures are followed and is being considered in some parts of the world. Finally, all societies and

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A Threat to French Language and Culture
France doesn't just have culture; the word "culture" actually comes from France. The main problems have been recognized since antiquity and were expressed. In these respects the..
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Kelloggs Advertising
11 Characters that appeared often were a singing lizard and a group of kids, dubbed "crazy-good kids who commonly frightened the Pop-Tarts and caused them to be..
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Should America Police the Worl

should America Police the Worl

on China. Losing Latin America, isolationism, realism, balancing Idealism Realism, unilateralism/Multilateralism. We have to take into account that America avoids or lessens genocide and atrocities, but we have to keep in mind and to criticize, that they aim to other goals, beside the values I mentioned already. Perhaps, no one would, and that would lead to a nouveau Hitler, nouveau Pol Pot, nouveau Saddam Hussein mess. We arrive now in the last two centuries and the expansion of America. In the Revolution the 13 Colonies got help from the French and Dutch after paying for.

When N Korea invaded S Korea, the miniority Report UN asked the US to head the 16-nation UN Force (Australia, Canada, Greece, Turkey and the UK were other major participants). We ARE.N of sorts Also, the population of, say, Denmark is almost entirely Danes. For half a century, Americans were told that policing the world was a strategic and moral imperative: we were "saving the world from communism and defending our own national security. So we must have a policeman. We blundered into Afghanistan to get one man. These people were very pious religious groups who had a strong belief in earning their place in heaven, and in creating an earthly paradise, in the strong belief that God had provided them with the land to make a new beginning. We helped Greece stop a Civil War whose other side were Communist guerrillas. Most people would say the United Nations. These various Paxes have been a hell of a good deal for the countries whose name does not follow the Pax. Today China is the only remaining communist country with any power, and it is not only a major (if lopsided) trading partner but also the largest recipient of US foreign investment in the developing world. But our foreign policy establishment - the politicians, think tanks, and many intellectuals and journalists - remains attached to the idea of America ruling the world. France already has the number.

Americans should not be spending thousands per person to defend those who will not spend more than hundreds or even less to defend themselves. One thing I think we should change is the deductible that other countries have to pay before they receive our policeman services. You can't have it both ways - unless you want to claim the status of Emperor, and pay the price to enforce. I think Americans might trust the ybe France, two countries who have been our allies going back 200 years.

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