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The Three - Legged Stool

It is important for institutions to address all three legs of this stool to make sure that the system is balanced and at the right height to

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Knock Off or Knock Out?

Shenzi : Will you knock it off! You could go, for example, traveling in some country and you see a Louis Vuitton bag, but this Louis Vuitton

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A Somewhat Typical Empire

XxxStrokerStudio ASudden ImpactSudden ImpulseSunshine VideoSurfer PicturesSuze RandallSwank DigitalSweet SinemaSweet SinnerSweetheart VideoSwerveT. 47 The empire was also territorially discontinuous,.e. Spanning from the furthest west coast of Europe to

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Should the United States Have Dropped the Atomic Bomb
However, a land invasion would have costed an excess of one million American lives. Report Post, i think we should have dropped the bomb on Japan they..
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The Never - Ending Struggle of Mankind
Here you can find an Introduction to the book by Vclav Klaus: This collection of 40 recent essays, articles, and speeches puts together the texts from a..
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Gay Marriage: Is America Pro or Con?

gay Marriage: Is America Pro or Con?

an Ohio resident who was not recognised as the legal widower of his late husband, John Arthur. The two have been together for six years, and had attempted to marry in Washington state - but decided to wait because of the financial burden of flying their parents across the country. And increases economic inequality by perpetuating a system which deems married beings more worthy of the basics like health care and economic rights." 84 The leaders of the Gay Liberation Front in New York said in July 1969, "We expose the institution of marriage. However officials in other states, including Mississippi and Louisiana, said marriages had to wait until procedural issues were addressed.

Gay Marriage: Is America Pro or Con?
gay Marriage: Is America Pro or Con?

Con 9 Gay marriage will accelerate the assimilation of gays into mainstream heterosexual culture to the detriment of the homosexual community. Now, knowing that they are allowed to get married, they can demand commitment from the people they share romantic relationships with. One of the key arguments often heard in support of homosexual civil marriage revolves around all the government 'benefits' that homosexuals claim they are denied. Marriage is a celebration of two people being in love and committing to each other. 69 Legalizing gay marriage will not harm the institution of marriage, and same-sex marriages may even be more stable than heterosexual marriages. People have differing viewpoints that most likely will not change under any circumstance. Sprigg, MDiv, Senior Fellow for Policy Studies at the Family Research Council, said that if gay marriage were legalized, "taxpayers, consumers, and businesses would be forced to subsidize homosexual relationships. Image caption Jordan Monaghan told his mum: "Your son can have a husband now.". Rather, anthropological research supports the conclusion that a vast array of family types, including families built upon same-sex partnerships, can contribute to stable and humane societies." 8 Gay marriage legalization is correlated with lower divorce rates, while gay marriage bans are correlated with higher divorce. 120 In Islamic tradition, several hadiths (passages attributed to the Prophet Muhammad) condemn gay and lesbian relationships, including the sayings "When a man mounts another man, the throne of God shakes and "Sihaq lesbian sex of women is zina illegitimate sexual intercourse." 121 The Catholic. 115 The Executive Board of the American Anthropological Association found that more than a century of research has shown "no support whatsoever for the view that either civilization or viable social orders depend upon marriage as an exclusively heterosexual institution.

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