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The Existence of Religion

the Existence of Religion

as theorists, it seems, and while none fully captures what religion is, all offer important insights on the nature of religion and possible reasons why religion has persisted through human history. Sigmund Freud - Religion Is Mass Neurosis. An anthropologist who describes culture as a system of symbols and actions which convey meaning, Clifford Geertz treats religion as a vital component of cultural meanings. Humanities, religion Spirituality, jasmin Merdan/Moment/Getty Images, religion is a pervasive and significant cultural phenomenon, so people who study culture and human nature have sought to explain the nature of religion, the nature of religious beliefs, and the reasons why religions exist in the first place. There is a lot in the universe that is not yet understood physically - that does not mean it ds not exist or cannot be "real." Remember that belief in God takes faith - which by definition requires uncertainty. If religion is inexplicable, then significant aspects of human behavior, belief, and motivation are also inexplicable. With no independent history, it is a creature of productive forces. You cannot see, hear, touch, or smell many things, but that does not prevent them from being.

Marx wrote: The religious world is but the reflex of the real world. Why assume that religion is any less complex and even contradictory than culture in general? Tylor and James Frazer are two of the earliest researchers to develop theories of the nature of religion. Karl Marx - Religion Is the Opiate of the Masses.

He didnt reach any final answers, but did argue that religion should be regarded as a vital aspect of society, as its construct of the heart. They are unlikely to be adequate even in very individual and specific circumstances and they are certainly inadequate when addressing religion generally. He argues that religion carries symbols which establish especially powerful moods or feelings, help explain human existence by giving it an ultimate meaning, and purport to connect us to a reality that is more real than what we see every day. They defined religion as essentially being the belief in spiritual beings, making it systematized animism. We need to at least try to address religion and religious belief in order to get a better handle on who we are as human beings. A by-product of psychological distress, Freud argued that it should be possible to eliminate the illusions of religion by alleviating that distress. This inadequately addresses the social aspect of religion, though, depicting religion and animism are purely intellectual moves.

The Prominent Religions in the East, Constant Change in Human Existence, Confucius And Western Religion, Compare and Contrast of Cult and Religion Essay,

Durkheim reveals how religion serves in social functions. If we are mistaken, we lose little; if we are right, a Neo - conservative Policies we survive. We interpret ambiguous information as whatever matters most to survival, which means seeing living beings. He does not try to explain away religion and rejects all reductionist efforts. None, however, can serve as an exhaustive and complete answer to that question. Tylor and Frazer - Religion Is Systematized Animism and Magic.

the Existence of Religion

It contains a lot of brief, yet informative.
have sought to explain the nature of religion, the nature of religious beliefs, and the reasons why religions exist in the first place.