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Dance and Art Therapy

It helps people express hidden emotions; reduce stress, fear, and anxiety; and provides a sense of freedom. Principles and practice of : Towards a therapeutic aesthetics. Experts

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The Devils Teardrop

It looks just like that drawing. And here is the Digger with his shopping bag. "Don't let anybody" Click. Everyone looks around, not knowing what's going. Whose

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What is the True Meaning of The Guardian?

He paid the price in full, and we are free from condemnation when we accept that free gift of love. True meaning of 'I want you to

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Review - Westmont Orchestra Performance
Its importance is due to its brilliance of tone and its potential for dazzling virtuoso display. The violin family is often supplemented by plucked instruments: harps are..
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Analyzing Chinua Achebes Things Fall Apart
He points to Conrad, who wrote against imperialism but reduced Africans to mysterious, animalistic, and exotic "others." In an interview published in 1994, Achebe explains that his..
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The Perfect Civilization

the Perfect Civilization

Alliance. The war also made use of new and relatively new technology and weapons, including machine guns, airplanes, tanks, battleships, and submarines. 62 It is likely to have been the largest single gathering of Christianity in history, with numbers estimated in excess of four million mourners gathering in Rome. Therefore, we believe that a child, a baby, deserves the protection of society even more than an adult. Monumental abbeys and cathedrals were constructed and decorated with sculptures, hangings, mosaics and works belonging one of the greatest epochs of art and providing stark contrast to the monotonous and cramped conditions of ordinary living.

By 1650, the religious map of Europe had been redrawn: Scandinavia, Iceland, north Germany, part of Switzerland, Netherlands and Britain were Protestant, while the rest of the West remained Catholic. By 1980, many Americans had become pessimistic about their country. Those who acted as animals like goats, buffaloes, reindeer, monkeys, etc. But there was more about the Jews that was strange, besides their God and their law. The West invented cinema, television, the personal computer and the Internet ; produced artists such as Michelangelo, Shakespeare, Rembrandt, Bach, and Mozart ; developed sports such as soccer, cricket, golf, tennis, rugby and basketball ; and transported humans to an astronomical object for the first. The oldest text dealing with aesthetics covering various art forms including dance is the Natyashastra which is authored by Bharatamuni. However, in 1618, the Thirty Years' War began between Protestants and Catholics in the empire, which eventually involved neighboring countries like France. They continued to expand across the Middle East, North Africa and the Balkans.

Review of the Clash of Civilizations, Early Western Civilizations, The Formation of the Civilization of Mesopotamia,